Importance of Community Safety

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Vandalism, loitering, gang activity, and crime are all things that can bring down the value of a neighborhood, and affects the resident’s sense of safety in the community. Quite often these crimes happen without punishment, and the community has to pay for cleanup and ensuring the safety of their family and property. To alleviate these crimes from happening, there should be security gates and cameras placed in residential parks throughout the country. Gates and cameras will prevent outsiders and crimes such as vandalism, loitering, and gang activity from the parks. It is important for residents to feel safe in their community. Safety promotes quality and longevity of a community. There are nine key elements that make up a good community. The first key element is safety. (Smith. 2012) Safety is the first key element, because if a resident feels unsafe in their community they can feel trapped, unhappy, and not at peace. Residential parks are built in neighborhoods for the purpose of enjoyment, family time, and as a place for relaxation. When crimes such as vandalism, loitering, gang activity, and underage drinking occur it takes away from the main purpose of the park and makes the residents feel unsafe. There is unlimited access to the neighborhood / community parks. People who are not residents of the neighborhoods are coming into the parks. Placing security gates around the parks with only the residents having keys to them will stop outsiders from coming into the parks. The local community is defined as people who live within ten minutes walking distance from the park. (Hilborn. 2009) Because the parks are so open it is hard to determine who belongs and who does not. When crimes occur in the parks there is no way of narrowing down who the suspects are. However with gates and cameras in place it will make it much easier to find out who is committing the crimes in

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