Importance Of Communication In Communication

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Presentation is divided into two broad categories: Personal Presentation and Presentation skill. These two aspects are interwoven and can be described as the preparation, presentation and practice verbal and non-verbal communication. Generally, communication can be defined as a process of exchanging information, from the person giving the information through verbal and non-verbal methods, to the person receiving the information. (Unknown, 2014) As a university student who is getting ready to start on their chosen career, he or she should take the opportunity in any activities that developed communication skills in a wider and complete aspect so that communication skills can be fully developed. Students need to put in effort to develop their…show more content…
It contains background of study, statement of the problem, scope of study, objectives of the study, research question, and target user and limitation question. It also beginning of the research. In Chapter 2, researcher states the literature review of research. This is to support the details of research. Chapter 3 is about research methodology. Research methodology is the process used to collect information and data for the purpose of making business decisions. The methodology may include publication research, interviews, surveys and other research techniques, and could include both present and historical information. For this research, research use questionnaire to get the accurate data. For this Chapter 4, it contains analysis and result the research. The result is present by table or chart. From the table or chart, research can read the data easily. Chapter 5 is about discussion and conclusion the research. In the end of the research, it concludes how student manage their money in many different way 3.1…show more content…
3.3.3 Sampling technique In this research, the researcher decided to use the non-probability sampling method which is the convenience sampling. The significant of using convenience sampling it is getting an inexpensive approximation of the truth. The sample is selected in light of the facts there are conveniences. This will help the researcher to get the estimate result incurring the cost or time. 3.4 Scales and Measurement Scales and measurement is one device some mapping rule and then translate the observation of property indicants using this rule. For each concept or construct, several types of measurement are possible; the appropriate choice depends on what researcher assume about mapping rules. There have four classifications of scales measurement, nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio. In this research, researchers use nominal because it is widely used. With nominal scales, the collecting information on variable that naturally or by design can be grouped into two or more categories that are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive. In nominal, it classification may consist of any number of separate groups if the groups are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive. This is basically a way of categorizing or grouping behaviour, where the actual numbers are simply labels or identifiers. For example, when researcher get the data, which is was more effective

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