Importance Of Communication In Care

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* A day in a life of a carer I arrive at my service user house, I let myself in by using the key safe, this is for safety reasons as my client is unable to open the door themselves, allocated outside the front door, I obtained the key code from the office, I am a carer and I am responsible for providing support to my s/u this is to provide personal care, medication, meals. I call out to reassure her who is coming in to the house, I then go into the bedroom and to see if my client is ok and if everything is ok anything that , I then ask my client what she would like for breakfast, I then go into the living room and put on my gloves and apron, I then read the clients care plan and to see what has been written down from the night carer. Then…show more content…
The reaction of a s/u is important, they could be in pain, different opinions and portray their feelings. Finding out a s/u communication and language needs is to speak clearly, fluently without hesitating making sure you are understood, if the s/u cannot speak then you can do sign language, communication books, pictures, writing. If you are having problems communicating with your service user then I would ask my manager. If you talk in jargon the s/u will not understand you. Good communication and understanding of your s/u and offering appropriate feedback, they may have a hearing problem and may not get the whole conversation, making sure that there is not any other noise going on in the back ground so that you are clearly understood by either body language, attitude and signs. You can get help with translation services, advocacy service for s/u who are unable to speak for
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