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Importance of Communication Essay

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Importance of Communication

Michael A Williams


Latricia Carter
September 22, 2012

    Dear Mike and Angela,
Well done you two, this is indeed a immense step. I realize that the both of you needed some assistance since I am taking an Interpersonal Communications class. I most definitely be more than happy to insist the both of you with your communication issue amongst yourselves, during my studies within this course I read some chapters i came upon a few ideas that might just be some help. This is the most useful class I obligate taken at this point at Ashford, very informative. I have derived a proposal of things that may help. The areas are legitimately characteristic then again at the same interval they are important. Some of the things I thought we could talk about are; first we will assess your personal communication and see if we can improve your Communication competencies, next we should develop strategies for active, critical, and empathic listening, because if you don’t learn to listen you can’t communicate effectively. Thirdly, I think we should learn to recognize how words have the power to create and affect attitudes, behavior and perception. Then learn to understand how perception, emotion, and non- verbal expressions affect interpersonal relationships. Lastly, but certainly not least develop strategies for managing interpersonal conflicts. When you communicate with others you establish your uniqueness and importance in a group or relationships. Always remember that good communication is a key point in all relationships.
Psychologist Abraham Maslow suggested after basic physiological and security needs are met, humans turn to satisfying social and esteem needs (Sole, K, Making Connections, Understanding Interpersonal Communication, 2011, Bridgepoint Education, Inc.). Social needs include friendship, belonging, being included in family, and social groups, and finally being accepted by other people. Katherine Dunn who is an...

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