Importance Of Communication Essay

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Communication is an important aspect of our lives. It is hard to imagine a life where there is absolutely no communication, In fact; maybe it is not even possible to lead a life without communication. Communication can be of different types such as verbal communication, non verbal communication and written communication. In case of verbal communication, it is merely by using speech and language that the communication takes place. In case of non verbal communication, there is no exchange of words, but it may be gestures or signs or facial expressions that are used for communication, a letter is used to express oneself. This could again either be a hand written letter or a typed letter. Communication is important in the 21st century because it allows people to share ideas, interests, and develop relationships. Without communication the world could not work together to promote common interests and advancements in society. Communication in the 21st century is very important aspect of the human life, since it is the communication that helps human beings to connect with each other as individuals and as independent groups. Communication is the very basis, which drives the process of development in all the fields. Some reasons are; expressing emotions and ideas, meaning imagine a life without expressing yourself through words (spoken and written) expressions and even arts and craft or painting, music or dance can help people express their ideas and emotions, Education also plays an important role in the process of imparting knowledge as well. Communication is instrumental in the process of education since it helps the educator and the students to interact with each other. Decision-making is another way communication helps us. Building relationships is why communication is important because you can exchange ideas as well as expression of human emotions between people. Thus,

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