Importance Of Commmunication Essay

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Communication is the way through which we express ourselves and exchange ideas with others. It need not only be verbal. There is non-verbal communication, such as gestures, postures, expression, signs, which while silent, can sometimes speak louder than words. Through communication we can interact with others, socialize, and overcome misunderstandings. Communication is an important aspect of our life. To imagine a life without it is very difficult. It may not even be possible to live without communicating. One of the importances of communication is to convey the information clearly to the people. In teaching and learning process, communication is the most crucial aspect to be concentrated on. As a student, it is compulsory to acquire and practice the effective way of communication. For example, when doing a presentation which is a two-way communication between us and the audience, we have to be precise in choosing the right medium to communicate so that the massage we try to send would not be misinterpreted. The skills are also important; because audience may get bored or even worse they did not get what we are trying to say because of the poor approaches we used. To create a happy, fulfilling and successful family, communication is needed. Constant interaction between parents, children and siblings is necessary. We as children learn many things from our parents, including good manners, grooming habits and healthy eating practices. By the constant talking between children and parents, even if the topic of the conversation is trivial, our parents create a bond between themselves and us. This is an example of informal communication which is completely important in our lives. Communication is also important during interview. A recent newspaper report said that in an interview session attended by hundreds applicants, only five qualified for the employability. It

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