Importance of Clubs in College and Its Relation to Success

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Importance of Clubs in College and its Relation to Success Shannon M Jacyna James Madison University Method Participants This survey was completed by 121 college students who attend James Madison University. Each student was asked to email the survey to at least ten friends who attended JMU. The participants varied in year where 19.1% were sophomores, 50.9% were juniors, 26.4% were seniors and 3.6% were other. About 38.2% were males and 61.8% were females. The participants were not compensated in any way for taking part in this survey. Design This is a correlational study between participants views on the importance of clubs in college (CLUBS) and how successful they feel in college overall (SUCCESS). Materials An online survey was used for this study with a total of 32 items. Two questions asked about the demographic of the participants, while the other 30 items asked about the participants their personal opinions about college. For the 30 items on opinions, the participants were given a seven point likert scale to rate how much they agreed or disagreed with the statement. After completing the survey, the data on CLUBS and SUCCESS were correlated. Procedure The participants were emailed a link to the survey in which they could complete wherever they had an internet connection. In the email, the following statement was used to explain what the participants would be surveyed on: Hi, I am collecting data for my class in Psychological Research Methods. We are doing a survey on various aspects of college life. It takes about 5-10 minutes and is completely anonymous. I'd really appreciate it if you would take part. The link to the survey is ( and it should be self-explanatory. Thanks! After completing the survey, the participants could ask what the purpose of the study was and be debriefed. Results There were

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