Importance of Change Management Essay

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A STUDY ON IMPORTANCE OF CHANGE MANAGEMENT IN ORGANISATIONS STUDENT NAME INSTRUCTOR NAME COURSE TITLE DATE INTRODUCTION In the competitive world, organisation change is very crucial and important issue. It is true that if we want to get success in long run, we need to implement change as per the market and time requirement. It is the continuous process that takes place due to various internal and external environment of the organization. Winston Churchill states that “If we do not take change by the hand, it will surely take us by throat”. If organisations do not adapt, it may be difficult for it to survive in long run. It would not be possible for the organisation to meet the competitive challenges of the market. The term ‘Change’ refers to an alteration in a system whether physical, biological or social. Thus, an organisational change is the alteration of internal and external environment. It includes a new equilibrium between different components of the organisation – technology, structural arrangement, job design and people. Ajax Mineral Ajax Mineral is a United States Mining company where it is found that executive of the company is well aware that they are not able to implement change in the process because of the fear of resistance. They have feeling that if they would initiate any new change in favour of the organization, the workers will bluntly resist it and it will results in to more resignations. After analysing the case in detail, it is found that there are two reasons of the resistance to change by the workers - 1. Lack of trust – In this case, the management and the workers have the bad relations with each other and this is the reason that workers do not trust the management. They have the perception that

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