Importance of Canadian Literature

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Anson 1 Clarissa Anson Mr. DiZio ENG4U July 5th, 2013 Analysing Canadian Literature The importance of Canadian literature is not emphasized enough in a Grade 12 English course. Graduating students should have a clear understanding on Canadian literature to apply to their own works. While good writers exist in all cultures, Ontario students should only study Canadian writers to become more familiar with our literature. This is a crucial part for Canadian writer success because we need to focus on our own Canadian culture despite being surrounded by other cultures, promote and establish our own writers instead of focusing on international writers, and lastly, we need to encourage young Canadian authors. Students in Ontario taking English should only study Canadian literature because we are completely swamped and more influenced by the American culture around us. Although Canadian tradition has always been a “branch plant” of another country starting with England and France; meaning that our own culture has never had the chance to develop since we have always been under the thumb of a more powerful foreign culture. For years, a student in Ontario would study Shakespeare and other British writers; even today they may also study American authors such as Fitzgerald. It’s evident that many schools limit a student’s exposure to the Canadian novel to ISP reading lists. In this sense, Canada is an attic in which we have stored American and British literature without considering our own. 1 No wonder a Canadian student has problems appreciating their culture, when they have no chances to learn more about it. The Canadian literature that is studied is very old. This includes works such as Mordecai's Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz or Lawrence’s Stone Angel. Fifth Business, which was published in 1970 – over 35 years ago, is still on
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