Importance Of Belonging In The Crucible

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Understanding nourishes belonging...a lack of understanding prevents it. Understanding in any form lays reliable foundations for a positive sense of belonging. The Crucible by Arthur miller, equilibrium by Kurt Wimmer, and x all underpin this statement The importance of understanding in belonging can be defined by the theme of relationships. Arthur miller’s persona ‘John Procter ‘explores this concept through his relationship with antagonist Abigail Williams. After Proctors Lechery with her, Abigails rhetorical question “give me...a soft word” ,makes it clear that she presently pursues that affair without regret .With the following statement “you loved me ...and do now “Abigail confidently claims that the relationship is still in motion. As a reaction to this John’s…show more content…
John is conflicted between two sides that he must choose to belong to: the rule which he has been working for all his life or the resistance which is right and eventually assists him in overthrowing the rule. Although this particular choice affecting his side of belonging is critical, a member of the resistance, Mathew, assists him by relating to he’s opinions thus helping him understand what is right. This is shown as Mathew uses descriptive language to relate to johns identity and capture he’s attention “I know how you feel, emotionless, dead, sour, and with an unquenchable bitterness”. Immediately cinematic techniques such camera angles on Prestons face and physical expression of emotion make it somewhat definite that he is persuaded and is familiar with these feelings hence helping him understand. Preston finally accepts the right relationship and enjoys the peace from a positive sense of belonging. From this example It is without any subtlety obvious that a strong path of understanding in a relationship can achieve a good sense of

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