Importance of Adrenaline Essay

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Adrenaline is a natural incentive produced by the adrenal glands. It is produced when a person in stressing, in danger, any unexpected event of just excitement. Your body is automatically prepared for any of these events when it’s in the bloodstreams. It increases heart rate, metabolism, and sweating. An example of adrenaline being released is the reaction of “fight or flight”. It’s a response the body gives off when we’re faced with threat. For example, when I was younger, I was insanely scared of dogs. In Bangladesh, it’s not rare to see stray dogs walking around on every corner of the streets. My mom went to get me something and made me wait by the store entrance. There I saw the beast, a big brown furred dog walking to me. I wasn’t sure if he would harm me or not, but my first thought was “RUN OR GET EATEN”. Although my mom was at the store couple inches away, my instincts told me to go as far away as I can from that dog. I ran to my grandma’s house whereas other days, the driver has to drop me within a 10 to 15 minutes’ drive. To this day, I’ve never ran that fast, although im much older now. I know at that time, I didn’t think about my mom or my precious candy that I had begged her to get me, I thought about running for my life from a dog I was so insanely scared of. I haven’t had a adrenaline rush ever since, I think. Maybe because, I’m pretty fond of dogs now, maybe I’ll even get a few when I have my own

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