Importance Of Accountability In Health Care

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Introduction In every organization there is someone or ones that need to be accountable for the procedures that are done, how they are done, why they are done, when they are done, and how often they are being done, as well as, ensure that every aspect of the organization has accountability. Accountability in health care entails the procedures and processes for which there is justification and responsibilities for all activities. There is a need for everything that happens to have someone that can be held accountable for it. Importance of Accountability Accountability is especially critical in the health care world, in which livelihoods and the lives of the patients is dependent upon the proper actions being done at all times. Important…show more content…
Professional ethics however does often focus primarily on the conduct of the individual members and staff that are directly attending to the individual needs of the patients. However, it is the ethical responsibility of those in charge to also hold themselves accountable for those that they are in charge of overseeing. For everything that happens there is a need for the person that has made the mistake to be held accountable, as well as, those who are over seeing them. Ethically health care workers are held to high standard of service in order to protect their patients, and this will mean that leaders and managers ethically take on the responsibility of being held accountable not only for those patients who they serve personally, but also those that they are overseeing to care for their…show more content…
Instinctively employees and their organizations will hold themselves more accountable and have a higher desire to learn and use the evidence based practices and performance tools used to measure will increase, this will instill continuous assessment, learning, and change. In turn any variation in health care services will decrease as a result of a culture that has put an emphasis on holding themselves and those around them

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