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The Importance Of The Computer In TodayS World. Essay

  • Submitted by: maverick35
  • on April 8, 2008
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Below is an essay on "The Importance Of The Computer In TodayS World." from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The importance of the computer in today’s world.

Many of the courses taught at this institution will aid students in their professional as well as personal lives.   Psychology, composition and mathematics are just a few of the courses that our students will assist them navigate life’s obstacle course.   But of all the courses offered here, none will be as helpful or valuable as a “Computer literacy course”.   Therefore, I urge the Student Senate to add such a course as a required part of each student’s curriculum, regardless of their intended course of study.
Computers have impacted and are used in nearly every industry today.   Whether one chooses to become a pilot, an educator or a steelworker they will need some basic level of computer skills and understanding.   Children in every country of the industrialized world and many of the developing nations possess some type of computer training.   If we wish for our students and future leaders to think “globally”, we must provide them with the resources necessary to succeed.   If we wish for them to remain competitive in the ever shrinking job market they must be a step above their foreign counterparts.
Today, though many homes may have one or more computers, there are still so many households in this country that cannot afford such a luxury.   A similar situation exists in their poorly funded and overcrowded public schools.   Should students from those homes be allowed to fall behind their peers simply because their family could not provide the latest hardware?   From those students may come the next Bill Gates?   Computer literacy courses will provide each of our graduates a minimum level of skills regardless of their economic background.   Perhaps, their new interest in computers will spread to other members of their household or neighbors.  
Computer use is even impacting our social interactions.   Today, countless friendships are built via the internet.   Our new ability to send volumes of information from one corner...

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