Character Essay: The Importance Of Character In Sports

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The Importance of Character Character is important in life because it defines what kind of person you are. Every day you need to be responsible, fair, caring, respectful, and trustworthy. You also need to be a great citizen. Those are the “Six Pillars of Character.” I haven’t gone a single day without using all six of them somehow. Accountability has a huge part in responsibility. On our volleyball team, we are all accountable to one another. Personally, I take the responsibility in making sure everyone is getting along and if someone needs to get something off their chest, I will listen and try to help them fix it. Last season, there was a problem with one of the girls. Everyone was bickering about how she wasn’t committed and that she was just playing so the guys could see her in spandex. All of this drama was just creating problems on the court so whenever someone was complaining about her, I just reminded them that she has gotten so much better, attitude-wise, since two seasons ago. I think this also shows…show more content…
This year I joined the varsity basketball team. I didn’t really want to play but my dad said that it would open a bunch of doors for me later on. I also knew that volleyball would be starting half-way through the basketball season and I would have to make some sacrifices for both sports. The first week was hard because I didn’t really know any of the girls, but I got use to that. Also, the intensity level was a lot higher than my last team. When finally started to make some new friends, I really was enjoying hanging out with them. At this point, volleyball has just started and I missed a basketball practice for a volleyball scrimmage. My parents and I decided that since I’m more passionate about volleyball that the fair, and right, thing to do would be to step down from basketball. This way, the girls who are working really hard get a fair amount of playing

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