Importance and Significance of the Nadsat Language in a Clockwork Orange

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Importance and Significance of the Nadsat language in A Clockwork Orange -What is the language, how is it explained (Blake Morrison in his introduction, and Dr Brodsky) -Alex’s name that trough the Nadsat language means without, or outside the law. -In the beginning the reader will have trouble understanding the book, that produces a number of effects: discomfort, by not understanding, and therefor not knowing if its hostile or not. Later you start to understand the Nadsat language, which creates a connection with Alex and the reader. speaking the same language as Alex, through this connection it is easier to sympathies with Alex and to not look at him as a criminal, but as a victim of the system. -In nadsat style, addressing the reader with ‘’O my brothers’’ creates a more personal bond with Alex, and their for it is easier for the reader to sympathize with Alex even though he is such a flawed character. -When the violence is shown in the book, more nadsat is used with for example: ‘’to tolchock a chelloveck in the kishkas’’ this being an alienating and distancing the reader and Alex from the violent acts he commits. If the nadsat is purely read for its language it sounds humorous, but often takes a sickening and repulsive turn, that is when you realize what is actually happening. For example: ‘’So he did the strong-man on the devotcha, who was still creech creech crecching away in very horrorshow four-in-a-bar, locking her rookers from the back, while I ripped away at this and that and the other, the others were going haw haw haw still, and real horrorshow groodies they were that then exhibited their pink glazzies, O my brothers, while I untrussed and got ready for the plunge.’’ This sounds quite comical and humorus until its found out that the devotcha (woman) is being raped. In short: -What is the Nadsat language, where is it

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