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Importance of Education Why Is Education Important In Our Life? Importance of Education Defining education in modern terms is quite clear – it is marketed by industry recognition, as a path to an advanced career, higher income and certification. However, empowering a degree is not just all about education. It is a misfortune to learn that the importance of education, whether personal or professional, is determined by the performance of students that make them bureaucratic machines. According to Albert Einstein, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.” It clearly suggests that learning is a never ending action that begins and school and continues throughout life. Before the advent of the industrial revolution, the world recognized education as a process of learning, preparing for astute leadership qualities and personal achievements, also about opening the mind to innovative ideas. However, the focus has changed these days. The importance of education and its role should be to open up minds and ensure that it thinks, reasons and analyzes. Effective education programs include the process of creating problems and solving them with their own methods. It is also about stretching you to the limit of learning and becoming too enthusiastic about the process. Education also helps you to learn from your own mistakes, and that is how achievers are born. It is through education that a person learns how to pry their minds, instead of letting it rust. It teaches you how to think, and reason, not just how to follow. A combination of your learning process, with action will allow you to conquer error to ensure that you seek a better understanding of a subject. That is the importance of education in our life. Going by the overall importance of education and its demand in the society, it should be admitted that education helps in

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