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Implying Theme Through Motif Essay

  • Submitted by: rae1313
  • on December 3, 2012
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Implying Theme Through Motif" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Raven Epps   October 15 2012  
English III     | Period 3       |

An analysis of Amoo in Tribal Scars

In the short story Tribal Scars by Sembene Ousmane theme is implied though motif. The theme that played though the story is one should   put family first. No man should be characterize if he's is rich, empty-handed, big or small but his ability to love, nuture and protect his family. Amoo's character in this book is a true definition of one should put family first over everything. Amoo made many sacrifice and changes through his life to protect and care for his love ones. He took difficult times in his past to strength him to make better decision in his present.

Raven Epps       |   Page #2     |   Ocetber15,2012     |

Securing and protectiveing his family was a must at any cause because family is always a must when it all come
down. For example in one particularly revealing part is when Amoo came and get his daughterwhe she had got caught.
” Amoo had Found his daughter Imoe, and the two were standing a little apart from the rest(106)“. This show that one should put family first Amoo is putting his daughter before himself by going to go get her when she was captured by the slaves. As well as another time when Amoo is talking with Momutu about his wife and daughter. “ He think of nothing but his village, his wife and his daughter(109)”. Amoo show that one should put family first because he put things first that really
matter. Thematically Ousmane is touching on the fact that one should sacrifice for the ones they love.

Raven Epps       |   Page #2     |   Ocetber15,2012     |

sometimes Holding on to your past can help you strengthen your present to make better decisions then you did before . His past was a tool that he use to help him become stronger and fight for his daughter. For example in the part when the slave capture had came back to get his daughter .”Amoo grashing his axe pushed Iome and her grandmother...

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