Implications of Self Perception on Moral Reasoning

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Originally I had planned on studying the implications that one’s identity within a community had on moral reasoning, but after discussing my ideas and thoughts with my peer group they advised me to take another route due to the fact that it had the possibility of being a very confusing and difficult study. With that in mind we discussed other options. I wanted to do a study that I could directly relate and involve youth ministry because I’m involved with youth on a regular basis. Another thing I wanted to do was to find something within a youth group that could possibly have implications on moral reasoning. Because my original question was too confusing I wanted to find a simpler aspect of youth or youth groups that might have implications on moral reasoning. So the question I decided to ask was: Does a person’s perception of themselves affect their moral reasoning? Adolescence is a time of figuring out who you are and where you fit in. It can be an awkward time because your body is changing, the people around you are changing, and the world is constantly changing. I remember my freshman year of high school I wore a shirt that I had gotten in seventh grade. This shirt was a cool shirt in seventh grade and even in eighth grade, but when I wore it for a third year in a row as a freshman in a new school I quickly found out and was even told by someone that the style was definitely “not cool”. The reason I mention this is because high school is a time where you’re constantly feeling like you have to impress someone, or feel like people are judging you. High school is a time where the ugly kid at school is contemplating suicide because he or she is constantly being made fun of or rejected. High school is a time where people are constantly thinking about what other people think about them. Everybody’s asking questions like: Do I look fat? Am I pretty? Am I

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