Implementing Change Essay

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Implementing Change Executing change for any business can be exasperating and complex. It is important to have a strong active manager in place to contrivance these changes. A manager is also responsible for taking the lead and putting particular employees for certain roles and responsibilities where they are needed. These roles and responsibilities can be part of the success or failure of the business. A manager must recognize the differences in the business and what specific areas need to be changed and how the employee's opposition needs to be handled. By using diverse methods such as forecasting, valuation, carrying out and evaluation support the management assist staff in adjusting to change and focus on the areas that are the most importance. The manager is also responsible for adding this change with little or no disruption from the employees. The first thing a manager needs to take notice of is how the team is relating to each other. Start on a positive atmosphere to keep employees positive about the change. The manager also needs to let the team know that this change is necessary to help them, and the business run more efficiently. A manager needs to remember that there will always be confident and negativity within the group. Some of the rules to consider and the manager need to keep in mind team members behavior patterns methods of conflict resolution, evaluation, element to a certain role assignments, work rules. The process steps, the outcome expectations, including the rules and performance. You will always have someone that will feel this change is not going on the right direction. No one in the company will know how the execution of this new change will affect the business or their employees. We can nonetheless project the result. The second area where change can occur is the processes of the business and how the processes are managed on a daily

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