Implementing Change Essay

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Implementing Change Name HCS/475 February 6, 2010 instructor Implementing Change The role of a manager is to have compassion and admiration for all employees ethics, views and ideas. A manager should encourage an open door policy for all employees. An open door policy is Listening and responding with no judgment. When employees are striving in his or her work give praise and positive feedback. Managers that have a positive outlook and treat his or her employees well will gain respect and trust from his or her employees. The responsibilities of a manager should include communication skills, fine planning, and excellent decision making. Organizations go through changes often which means that each department in that organization will need to make changes too. Managers are to follow organization policies which means his or her department will have to follow and implement changes. The manager should call a meeting for his or her department so he or she can explain the changes that are going to take place. A manger should never wait till last minute to inform employees. Handling staff resistance A Manager can handle staff resistance to change if he or she explains to his or her staff that change is going to be made and why the change is needed. Employees are more susceptible to change when managers step up and let employees know why there is going to be a change in the organization. When change occurs within an organization there are a lot of benefits that come with organizational change. A proper approach to change is to offer information set up a meeting with a presentation to help employees know where he or she is going to be going with the change. Steps of the change process Assessment is to gather and analyze information. When assessing a change in a department the manager should gather all information to give a detailed

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