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Running head: IMPLEMENTATION, STRATEGIC CONTROLS, AND CONTINGENCY PLANS IMPLEMENTATION, STRATEGIC CONTROLS, AND CONTINGENCY PLANS Chakara Forney University of Phoenix November 10, 2010 Kudler Fine Foods Kathy Kudler grounded Kudler Fine Foods (Kudler) as an upscale gourmet sustenance market. Through her passion for preparing food servings and hindrance in purchasing Kathy brought ahead a gourmet sustenance market suggesting a considerable collection of the freshest elements and finest yield at rational costs with encouraging and learned employees. Kathy became a triumph by aggregating convenience and affordability. She plans to farther this task by embracing a catering service in augmentation to the in-store issues presently available. The purpose of this paper is to discuss implementation, strategic controls, and contingency plans about Kudler Fine Foods. Implementation Kudler is carrying on extending their enterprise to realize goals of assembly the customers’ wants and in addition turning into more winning as an organization. Kudler has the skills to extend their services to embrace catering through the utilization of selling supplies and establishing advantageous enterprise modifications to extend and grow. The first step in attaining this effect is erected structure a solid groundwork and acknowledging the selling mix. Marketing examine can be delineated as the accumulation and examination of knowledge to give support in the determination establishing process. As acknowledged on the Kudler website, farther selling examines is wanted to ascertain a delineated action. The studies were not competent to give an enough result. Further studies could generate a movement in effects of client response to gain very correct input viewing buyer contentment with the prevailing services and yield offered. Through the prevailing

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