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Unit Guide Unit Title:|Manage the marketing process| Unit Code:|BSBMKG603B| Version Number:|1| Implementation Date:|01-Jan-2008| Unit Sponsor:|Business Arts and Info Tech| Product Developer:|Business Arts and Info Tech| Program Area:|Advertising Marketing and Public Relations| Product Level:|Available For State-wide Delivery| Last Updated:|| Nominal Learner Teacher Hours:|40| Nominal Learner Hours:|40| The Unit Guide supports delivery of this unit of competency. It: 1. Provides teachers with advice to facilitate learning, and to collect and assess evidence for reporting achievement of the unit of competency; 2. Supports Institute and teacher compliance with AQTF standards; 3. Informs course planning, monitoring and continuous improvement, and outcome reporting; 4. Provides learning and assessment information for learners through the Learner Assessment Guide(SAG). Teachers and other users may select and print one or more sections, or select and print the whole unit guide. | Part|Contents|You will find information, such as:| 1|Introduction|• Unit Purpose• Grading• Nominal delivery hours• Early warning("key alerts") of issues important for delivery of training and evidence collection | 2|Unit of Competencyinformation |• The complete text of the unit of competency. This may be from a training package or be a locally developed unit by TAFE NSW or other RTO.The definitive source of training package units is the National Training Information Service | 3|Assessment Information |• Web links to generic "Policy & Guidelines".• Guidelines for the collection of sufficient evidence for the learner's achievement of the unit of competency• Suggested tools for evidence collection in different training and assessment contexts• How to record and report the outcomes of assessment of a
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