Implement and Monitor Marketing Activities Essay

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IMPLEMENT AND MONITOR MARKETING ACTIVITIES Section A 1. Briefly overview the marketing activities you are involved in implementing. There should be activities that are suitable for generating interest and awareness in the company as it is not yet well known. The world has moving fast with the introduction of internet, that is the tool I’m going to use to help House on the Lake to expand their wings through the internet media publicity. This option will give them a great advantage as the internet is the most popular and great place to market any business. The main criteria here are the speed of the profit grows. Besides that there won’t be a very big budget required in terms of advertising because this is a social site and there is very less expense required which can lead to effective cost management. In the meantime, this method also will be the easiest and fastest way to reach all out globally. It requires a click to get the information online. The more people see it, the more popular it gets. The introduction of smartphones, PDAs and tablets also contributes to the marketing objective to be achieved using the internet. Most of the social media followers are very looking forward for attractive offers, so the use of online banner ads, email promotions, and even discounted online voucher would enable to market the House of the Lake business. In another point of view, let’s say the target group is the young group between the age of 25 to 40, married without children looking forward for a romantic getaway, the activities such as ski boats, diving, water ski, and others. It may prove that it is a good way to attract young people marketing target. For the rich people, the introduction of sailboats and boathouses will encourage them to have a family vacation, office tours and even gatherings. Last but not least, the old traditional way,
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