Imperialism in America

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Since the late 1800s the United States of America has been a imperialistic country. At the end of the nineteenth century it had taken over Alaska, Hawaii, Philippines, Guam, Samoa and other Pacific islands, also Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands. Particularly it is interesting that in 1887, Lord Acton wrote, “Power tends to corrupt, and complete power corrupts completely.” This comment is stated, mostly likely because many people consider it inarguable. The human being, in his imperfection, tends to abuse his authority, as time after time it is confirmed in America’s history. That is why, not very few people trust powerful political leaders. Therefore, in many religious peoples’ minds, it is only God whom possesses total power. Since the very beginning, the human being has been attracted to the idea of having control or the power to control other people. A biblical writer observed that “man has dominated man to his injury.” It is easy for people to know the truth behind these words in the political and military fields, but could it be that America is fighting in its own boundaries to gain more power or authority? The ambitions of imperialism lead to the desire to produce a great influence in regions annexed into America. Imperialism brought a lot of antagonist aspirations and created an ambient of suspicion and distrust. Those who had or still have faith and really wanted or want the best for their nation, would employ their authority to honor God and for the benefit of their people. Jesus educated, “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your minister, and whoever wants to be first among you must be a slave to all.” These words show that it is wrong to utilize one’s position for personal unjust gain, and that it is better to look for opportunities to help one’s people, especially those in need. People should also take these following words in

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