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Causes for New Imperialism Between 1870 and 1920, European imperialism accelerated and the Industrial Revolution stirred the ambitions of European nations. With the advances in technology, these nations were able to spread their control over the less developed areas of the world. It was not until between the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries new imperialism developed. The cause for this new imperialism were all due to economic, political, and social forces but trade, politics conquering less developed areas, and racism were responsible for the new imperialism. In document 2, the American Senator A.J. Beveridge believed America should become imperialism all through trade and because of this, trade is one reason why it was responsible for new imperialism. Mr. Beveridge believed the more American products that are traded in the world, more nations will notice their greatness and start to buy their products which will lead them to believe that America will be the rightful nation to conquer the trade world and the new imperialism. Although this was Mr. Beveridge’s belief why America should become imperialism through trade but in document 1, talks about groups interested in imperialism. Most of the groups that were interested in imperialism were the makers of cotton, iron, telegraph, and railway materials. All of these groups wanted to trade their goods to colonies so that their products can be bought and so they can improve the advances in technology with all the colonies. Trade impacted nations to be imperialism and that is why trade was one reason it was responsible for new imperialism. Although trade was not only to blame for the new imperialism, politics were also responsible but the only thing politicians did have in mind was to conquer over the less developed areas of the world. Document 7, talks about the U.S. taking over the Philippines and this

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