Imperialism Essay

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As Imprerialism was on the rise in western countries, trade was on the rise as well as looking for raw materials and sales markets. Western countries used this to their advantage, they made the products and exchanged them for the materials to produce them. This increase in the economic system made the Western countries such as Africa a wealth over other countries in the area, leading the way for the west to claim big chunks of land as Imperialism surged. Although even over there slavery had ended immigrants from other countries proved to have cheap labor. At the end of the 1800's Western nations had incorporated had come a long way creating empires, improving communication, making advances in medicine, and increased military training and technology enable them to conquer other parts of the world. They then had set out with a goal to increase Imperialism even more, they wanted to "civilize" non Western groups, search for more sources of raw materials for production and involve others in their social tensions to add to the "Imperialist Scramble." Africa had set its own path in the middle nineteen century, developing on its own. The European countries were unable to reach most of Africa with the exception of West Africa. Their is where Europeans set up markets, boat ports and their own states. Despite Africa's effort the Europeans had conquered most of Africa before the end of 1900. Many different Imperialist countries soon followed suit. Even though these other countries had different policies, they also created their own governments, giving us the Nationalist who opposed European rule. The Dutch eventually came in taking over and late noting themselves as Afrikaners. This didn't last for long, soon the British started ruling over the "Afrikaners" with their imperial rule as well as overtaking the native Africans too. With the discovery of diamonds, British

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