Imperial Tabacco Essay

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Future Plans Through these initiatives we hope to accelerate our contribution and better understand the environmental challenges and opportunities in our supply chain and learn how we can best contribute. We have already identified potential synergies between our supplier programmes, climate change strategy and community investment projects. The projects have an annual commitment of around £150,000 for the next three years. We anticipate extending this type of investment to other countries and perhaps enlarging our existing support where results are most attractive. We will continue to be open to innovative approaches to combining climate change mitigation, biodiversity protection and economic development wherever possible with links to sustainable tobacco growing. In addition we will be seeking renewable energy partners to take the most economically-effective steps to mitigate the effects of climate change, while we continue to strive for greater fuel efficiency in our operations. We are currently conducting research into economically viable crops that could qualify for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) credits and be tradable in the Carbon Exchange schemes. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would be interested in partnership opportunities in this field of work. Carbon sequestration Tropical-forest carbon opportunities represent 25 per cent of the total global carbon dioxide emissions that need to be mitigated by 2050 in order to move towards stabilising atmospheric concentrations and, most importantly, represent: • An extremely time-sensitive option for preventing massive, irreversible biodiversity loss • A cost-effective, immediately available carbon-mitigation option that can serve as a key “bridging” mechanism for society as it rolls over its inefficient stock of factories, buildings and vehicles and as research and development

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