Impending Deaths in the Hot Zone Essay

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CHARLES MONET- Preston’s description of the disease in Monet’s body gives the reader a sense of impeding death. “A life form has acquired Charles Monet as a host, and it was replicating.” That sentence told us that a virus has entered Monet and will soon obliterate him. It’s never a good thing when something sees you as a “host.” THOMAS GEISBERT- He whiffed a tube of Ebola-infected blood when trying to smell for pseudomonas. Preston uses detail to inform the reader that the tube was not a simple bacteria form, but Ebola. This created fear because he could have caught Ebola before he knew it and nobody knew for sure if it was airborne. ESCAPED MONKEY- An Ebola-infected monkey escaped from its cage and possibly the room. The book talked about how they didn’t exactly know where the monkey ran to or who it would attack. If it were to attack someone, it could cause an outbreak in the United States. Richard Preston also went into detail about Rhonda’s dream of the monkey injecting her with its blood. These details created fear. It made the reader suspect that the monkey was going to bite someone and cause an enormous Ebola outbreak. NANCY JAAX- Nancy ripped a hole in her glove while working in bio4. Preston created fear by informing the reader of Nancy’s thoughts. Her thoughts consisted of how her kids would get fed and how the babysitter would be paid. She also had thoughts about being put in the slammer because she was almost positive she had caught Ebola. The writer also created a sense of impending death when he wrote about the blood under Nancy’s last glove. Luckily, it was her own blood from the abrasion she acquired earlier at home. JOE MCCORMICK- The book tells of Joe sticking himself with a bloody needle while trying to help a hut full of infected people. He thought the needle had Ebola-infected blood on it. While Preston told of Joe’s days

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