Impeachment Trials of Andrew Jackson

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The Impeachment Trials of Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton In the history of the United States there have only been three Presidents that have been impeached. One resigned, the other won his impeachment trial, and lastly one was actually impeached but not removed from office. The ensuing essay will discuss in depth the impeachment trials of all three Presidents mentioned as well examine the charges brought against them. Andrew Johnson succeeded to Presidency following the assination of Abraham Lincoln. He was the first of the Presidents to be impeached; his impeachment trial began in 1868. Johnson was a Democrat and the House was controlled by Republicans, thus causing tensions between the two. With the Civil War being a fresh wound, resistance and rebellion lingered around already tense relations. Unlike today when a President gets elected he chooses whomever he decides to become a part of his cabinet. Some examples would be the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense. In the era of Andrew Johnson, that option was not yet available. Upon entering his Presidency, Andrew Johnson wanted to appoint new people to positions that were occupied by those who were appointed by Abraham Lincoln. The majority of Congress was in opposition to Andrew Johnson and his ideas on the Reconstruction of the southern states, and in response to his reappointments The Tenure of Office Act was passed despite Johnson’s veto. The Act simply forbade the President from removing officials appointed with the approval of the Senate from office without the approval of the Senate. However this did little to prevent Johnson from removing any other officials from office. He removed the Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, setting off a political fire storm in that Mr. Stanton was an ally of the Radical Republicans. That removal resulted in America’s first impeachment. The
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