Impeachment Of American Presidents Essay

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Three American presidents have been impeached during their presidency. The first was Andrew Johnson in 1869. During Johnson’s presidency, he became involved in series of political quarrels between the Congress as the President sought to fire Edwin M. Stanton, the Secretary of War, which was against the Tenure of Office Act. A special committee drafted eleven articles of impeachment. Articles 1 to 8 charged President Andrew Johnson with illegally removing Edwin M. Stanton from office. Article 9 accused President Andrew Johnson of violating the Command of the Army Act. The last two charged President Andrew Johnson with libeling the Congress through “inflammatory and scandalous harangues”. These were the events that lead to the president’s impeachment, the first impeachment of an American President. The second president to be impeached was Richard Nixon in 1974. The Watergate Scandal began long before the actual burglary. Many historians believed that the Watergate Scandal was born out of the combined personalities of Richard Nixon and his advisers, as well as with the changing role of the presidency. By the time Richard Nixon took office, the executive branch had become the most powerful branch of government and had taken on authority. As Richard M. Nixon reserved himself from the Congress, President Nixon…show more content…
His acting was under the Twenty-fifth Amendment; then President Nixon suggested the House minority leader, Gerald Ford, as his new vice-president and the Congress quickly confirmed the suggestion. As the result, a Justice Department agreement was not to pressure the case, and Agnew also pleaded that there should be no conflict to lesser the charge of income tax avoidance and resigned from the
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