Impacts on My Life Essay

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I haven't lived the easiest life. It's been full of challenges, life lessons, and near death experiences. Out of all that there has been so many people who have impacted and made a difference in my life. These people would be my dad, my grandma, my god mother Mickey, my therapist Sabrina, my friends, and most of all my sister Kayla. My sister has been like a mom to me because my actual mom has had mental health issues all my life. She has taught me so many valuable things in my life. Like never to give up on myself, To stand up for myself, and to push and fight all the way through for what you want in life, and there has been so much more but those are the huge ones, that have saved my life. Without her I would not be who I am today! A loving, respectable person. I have always said to myself, " I want to be just like my sister when I grow up." Which no doubt I look more and more like her everyday. One of the last things I heard my grandma say before she passed away was, "I would have mistaken you for Kayla, Oh my you sound just like her." My sister always used to say everytime we talked on the phone that she and my grandma were so proud of me. For a little while that would change my view on things. To want to keep making them proud. Everytime that feeling went away I would call her again and she would tell me that it was ok. Everytime she would say that I would know that no matter what challenges I face it would be. Hearing her voice or hugging her is like a relief. I feel like no matter how deep in a whole I am in, in life she is always there to help dig me out and say "it's ok try again." I have figured out most of the problems I have in life because of my sister and because of my faith. Without out faith and my sister I don't know where I would be in life. My guess is that I would either have run away or be dead. I am so glad that I

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