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Impacts of Ww1 on the Liberal State Essay

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  • on November 19, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Impacts of Ww1 on the Liberal State" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

How far was the collapse of the liberal state caused by ww1?

Just before World War 1 the liberal state was showing many weaknesses such unstable governments that were only lasting 18 months. They were also struggling to accommodate new social and economic forces which lead to extremist parties taking seats in parliament. Some historians believe that the liberal state was failing before the intervention of ww1 however some believe that it was due to ww1 and because of ww1 it lead to radical groups taking power.
When Italy intervened into ww1 it was divided there were two camps. Giolitti who opposed Italy joining the war and Salandra who was prime minister during 1914-1916 and he lead the campaign for Italy to go to war. In the end Salandra won the campaign only because he got the approval of the king. Normally a country goes into war undivided then as the war goes on becomes divided however Italy went into the war divided which lead to further instability and weakness in the liberal state. During the war Italy lost a decisive battle at Caporetto at this battle 300,000 men were captured and they lost 160km. This defeat highlighted the fact the liberal state made the wrong decision going into the war this made more people loss faith in the liberal state and divided the country even more. After a reshuffle in the military Italy won a battle but was not a great victory because it did not overshadow the loss at caporetto. At the end of the war Italy had lost 600,000 men and over 1.3 million casualties.
After ww1 there were a lot of implications such as Italy not getting what it wanted in the treaty of st Germaine the idea of a mutilated victory and whether or not liberal state could claim Italy’s rewards. In 1915 when Italy joined the war on the side of the British they were promised territory such as dalmatia and south tyrol. They were also many colonies however after the war in 1919 the Italians did not receive everything they were promised. In 1915 they were...

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