Impacts of Ww1 on Soldiers

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Impacts of World War I on Soldiers Jacob Perez History 122 Mr. Edwards November 29, 2012 Impact of World War I War exposes innocent lives to the violence of war. This life can break down a man’s emotion and physical character. Love, fear, hate, pain, delusion, aggression and death are the up and downs that a soldier can feel day to day on the front lines of war. The brutality of war can change man’s view point of war from the outside. The novel gives a reader the sense of the unforgiving life on the front line. World War I affects soldiers as it is dematerializing sense of hope in war by depicting the horrors of life on the front lines and battle between man’s emotions as described in Enrich Maria Remarque’s All Quite on the Western Front. Lose of hope in the Soldiers during the war The lessening of hope is shown through his ghastly examples of war on the front lines. The horrors of this life are best described by Paul Baumer, as he and the other soldiers “lie under the network of arching shells and live in suspense of uncertainty. If a shot comes, we can duck, that is all; we neither know nor can determine where it will fall”. The countless shells throughout the war are designed to massacre any opposing army. The goal of any war is to destroy as many soldiers on the front lines as possible. The men on the front lines are oblivious to where each shell is going to land or if it will put an end to their lives. Their only protection from these shells is a bunker, which is a six foot wall of concrete and dirt. These soldiers never know when the shell are coming or how many will come. Every night and day when the combatants hear the sound of a shell incoming they have only can hope the cover to protect them. They can only hope that they can survive each shell. The men have to wake up in the middle of what sleep they can get to take cover. The unforgivness of
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