Impacting Experiences in My Life

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I have a few experiences in my life that really had an impact on me being the person I am today and play a major role in my life now. Going back to school and succeeding in obtaining my Associates was one of the experiences that had a major impact on my life as well as choosing to leave the only home I have ever known to better my life for my family and myself. I remember it like I just graduated from College yesterday. I was so nervous when I first started not knowing if I was making the right decision or if I would be successful. Even though I was unsure of the outcome I decided to take a chance and I am so happy that I did. If I would have let my fears of failing or my worries of not knowing the outcome keep me from taking that chance I would not be where I am today and I definitely wouldn’t be brave enough to try new or different things to better my future. “The ability to self-regulate emotions and behaviors improves with age” (Mossler: 2013) Another experience in my life that has had a big impact on me as a person is when I took a leap of faith and left Florida. The idea was a bit scary and I was definitely nervous. I have never lived outside of Florida or been that far away from my immediate family. I think the reason I took a chance and left was because I knew I wanted a drastic change to happen in my life for the better. I packed mostly clothes and even gave some of those away just to have room for the most important items. I think giving my clothes away was scarier than the journey ahead. The whole experience made me think of something I read. Dr. Seuss (2011) Oh the Places You’ll Go! New York: Random House Inc. The influence of Bronfenbreener’s Ring has on experiences in one’s life is quite interesting. The negative influences that I faced every day when I set my mind on going back to school were giant road blocks with failing signs all over them and

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