The Impact Of Satellite Tv On British Broadcasting

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BTEC National Diploma Media Production Year 1 – Semester 1 Unit: Understanding the Media Industries Assignment Title: Essay on Media Organisation Describe the impact of satellite TV on British Broadcasting, Reflect on regulation and deregulation and the impact multi-channel TV has had on advertising and viewing figures. In July 1962 the first transatlantic transmission took place, accomplished by the Americans, Telstar was the first satellite to broadcast a television signal from the USA to Europe, allowing live pictures from Washington, Ontario and Chicago to be seen in 16 European countries. Telstar was an orbiting satellite, which meant windows for transmission were very short. However, in 1963 the satellite Syncom II was launched into synchronous orbit, a geostationary satellite that allowed for longer transmissions, its first broadcast being the funeral of the recently assassinated American President John.F Kennedy. Thanks to the Intelsat series of satellites, since 1965 transmission was possible for 18 hours a day. The first globally televised event was the Mexico Olympic games of 1968. The 1970's was a pretty eventful decade for foreign news, with wars happening in the middle east, Cyprus, Bangladesh and of course Vietnam, the Watergate scandal, the overthrow of the Shah in Iran...etc. The use of satellites became common in relaying the information globally in a very short time. The 1973 Yom Kippur War marked the end of the press's dominance in up to date foreign news when ITN obtained film of the earliest fighting and transmitted it to London via the Tel Aviv satellite station, The footage was then shown that night on News at Ten. By the 1980's ITN had its first transportable satellite

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