Impact Recreational Activities on Hypertension Health and Social Care Essay

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We have chosen this area of study because we have come to realise that hypertension is a major health dilemma in today’s stressful, career driven society. People do not take time out of their busy schedules to take care of their health. They never stop to ask why they are getting sick so often. What is contribution to them getting sick, and what can be done to prevent them from getting sick or prevent their condition from worsening. This is what we are trying to accomplish in with this study. We would like to take people with hypertension out of the workplace and them to engage in recreational activities in a relaxed, stress free environment. Many of our respected family members suffer from hypertension. This is why we are so passionate about conducting this study. We have seen the toll that it takes of their lives. We are hoping that with this study we might be able to improve their quality of live by reducing the affects of hypertension through an enjoyable program. We want to create a program that can form a new active lifestyle for hypertensive people which will benefit them long after the study is completed. LITERATURE REVIEW In the American Journal of Hypertension a study was conducted to determine the relationship between different types of physical activity and cardiovascular risk among hypertensive subjects. They wanted to determine the correlation of daily work activities, regular exercising and regular physical leisure time activities can have a noticeable impact in reducing cardiovascular risk. They concluded that high levels of physical activity reduced cardiovascular disease. Walking or cycling from to and from work daily also decreased the risk of cardiovascular disease in men and women with mild to sever hypertension and in some subjects were not on any antihypertensive drug treatment. (Gang Hu et al. 2007) The purpose of this study was to

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