Impact on Economic Growth Essay

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August 2011 THE IMPACT OF STOCK MARKET ON THE dnwjndw ECONOMIC GROWTH: EVIDENCE FROM DEVELOPED AND DEVELOPING COUNTRIES By 0914133T A dissertation submitted in part requirement for the degree of Masters in Finance and Economic Development Centre for Development Studies University of Glasgow ABSTRACT From the recent financial crisis, most of the advanced and emerging economies have experienced so called economic recession, which had serious concern about its impacts on the financial systems. As such, an enduring debate on the theoretical and empirical levels that has studied the role of financial system and its changes through contributing the economic growth in the world. This paper investigates the relationship between the stock market development and the economic growth in a sample of 56 developed and developing countries using the linear regression analysis over the period 1989-­‐2008. The results suggest the existence of positive correlation of several indicators of the stock market performance and economic development within developed countries. 2 ACKNOLEDGEMENTS I

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