Impact On Children Essay

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An individual’s identity’s is reflected by ones past present and future. Much like building a house, in which is built on foundation; it is also given the essential elements to independently stand on its own throughout all the challenges the world has to offer. However as individuals, the foundation in which we stand on is the advice given to us from our parents and friends throughout our lives. The guidance in which our parents give us as we grow from our infancy towards our adolescence will provide us with the proper development needed to continue our lives as individuals in society. This type of development is best described as “Nature vs. Nurture”. In particular, it describes how our parents influence us through the early years in our lives in regards to the beliefs and morals in which they themselves were brought up on. However, this theory also states the differences in which society influences in regards to what society expects of us. Nature has developed us based on genetic structure deriving from our parent’s genes. Everyone is derived from the genetic pattern. We all have 46 chromosomes in which 23 chromosomes come from each parent. 22 of 23 chromosomes are matching pairs known as autosomes in which are automatically paired with one another. However the 23rd pair, known as the sex chromosomes which contain either the X or Y chromosomes determine the vital information leading to the gender of an individual. Within these genes are the dominant and recessive genes in which affect the physical characteristics of one’s appearance. Parents often teach their children right from wrong through their nurturing care. However, through Erik Erikson’s study, he emphasizes the role of how society affects the human development. His theory explains how the nurturing cares from our parents in our early years of development affect the way our identities
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