Impact Of World War II: America's Change On The Home Front

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Introduction: As the war raged on America changed their minds about their involvement in the war. The war started with the invasion of Poland in 1939 and ended with the surrender of Japan in 1945. The battles of World War 2 held place in the Pacific theater and the European theater. The sides of the war included The Axis, France, USSR, and The Allies. The dictators Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and Tojo believed they could gain control of all the countries with fear and propaganda. All of the dictators wanted to become rulers of the world. The three most important parts of World War II are Hitler’s rise to power, how life changed on the Home Front, and the battles. This poster was used in America to recuit soldiers to fight in World War II. This poster convinced Americans to…show more content…
Women needed to work in factories because men were at war. More than 6 million workers were women and nearly 2 million were minorities. Americans changed their auto industry into a war industry making tanks, aircrafts (the spitfire), weapons, and bullets. Americans also grew victory gardens outside their houses. In these gardens they planted fruits and vegetables to eat so they could conserve food for the soldiers. Americans were given ration stamps in order to buy a month of necessary items (gas, food, and etc.). This was called rationing to conserve food for the soldiers. Rationing limited food for people in America if you ran out of stamps then you couldn’t buy anything for the rest of the month until you got more stamps. World War II had a major impact on the Home Front turning the nation into a war industry. Nationalism/Patriotism urged Americans to grow their own food. The conserved food would go to the troops in other countries

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