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The Mafia in America The Mafia, many concepts are associated with that term. Crime, power, corruption, and wealth, these are a few of those concepts. Through the many things that they control, the Mafia has had a drastic impact on not only on American culture, but also on the economy of the United States as well. The global organization that is the Mafia has far reaching and dramatic impact on the world as a whole. The “Mafia,” is a commonly used name for any criminal organization, but in reality, the only real Mafia is a group, which gets its beginnings in Sicily in 1282. Originally known as the Sicilian Vespers, this group formed as rebels against French control. The Mafia was later formed, in secret, by the Sicilians who had participated in the revolt. Mafia is actually an acronym for Morte Alla Francia, Italia Anela. This was their battle cry during the revolt; in English it is Death to France, Italy Forever. The society they formed survived and today, seven hundred years later, the Mafia is still a major criminal underworld, not only in Sicily, it is in the United States of America, and around the world as well. (Wilson 643) The mafia was originally multiple separate fraternities scattered sporadically across Sicily. These fraternities adopted similar codes of honor and rules including the Omerta, or conspiracy of silence. This was a vow of absolute secrecy and betrayal of this vow was punishable by death. The early Mafia financed its operations by being rural gangsters. “They robbed and kidnapped landowners for ransom, stole cattle and other livestock, and ransacked orchards and vineyards.” (Fuller 12) In the 1800’s the organization of the Mafia had evolved beyond common street thugs. The structure at this time consisted of up to 10 lower members led by a Capo di Diecina. This maintained discipline and ensured

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