Impact of the Internet Essay

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The Impact of the Internet on Business and Industry More and more organizations are getting hooked into the Internet. They use the Internet to promote and sell their products and services, provide customer support, deliver training, and share corporate information with clients, employees, and customers. Businesses have found that the Internet is a powerful tool to help keep their employees and customers connected. After reading this lesson, you should be able to: * Compare the uses and implementations of Intranets and Extranets. * Describe uses and types of e-commerce sites. * Discuss the impacts that the Internet and WWW are having on business, government, education, and communities. Intranets The term intranet was coined because it is internal to a company while continuing to utilize Internet technologies. An intranet is a private network of computers that is internal to a company and is used to share information throughout the organization. Just like the Internet, intranets also use Web browsers, email, and FTP to assist in information sharing. These private networks are typically built within a Firewall, a security system designed to protect an organization's network from external threats. In many cases, corporate intranets allow internal users access to both their internal network and also the Internet. This provides users with the ability to search and share internal corporate knowledge while accessing external information sources such as clients and competitors. Extranets Extranets are becoming a very popular means for business partners to exchange information. An extranet is basically an intranet that is partially accessible to authorized external users. Whereas an intranet resides behind a firewall and is accessible only to people who are members of the same company or organization, an extranet provides various levels of accessibility

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