Impact of Tehnology Essay

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Benefits of modern technology become available sooner or later to the majority of population. The electronic products of all kinds, as well as the technological advancement in medicine, are initially available only to the richest individuals in society, but with time, the latest innovations spread to the rest of the population fairly quickly (Kitahara 91). For instance, some items like automobiles or televisions are now available to practically everyone both poor and rich. This is what we call, "a long-term trend of capitalism."(91) In the US, the country which is considered as the world's center of technology development, technology and social equity have a very tight relationship. On one hand, the development of technology improve social mobility. That's why today we can see many Asian Americans, whose earlier generations were recognized as second or even third class citizens, now working in high technology companies and earning relatively stable and high salaries, compared to other minority groups. However, on the other hand, "the equality of outcomes" may also be negatively affected by the development of technology (92). Because of financial problems and cultural backgrounds, some African Americans or Latinos still have difficulty to access and enjoy high technology lives as their white counterparts. In the following passage, I will use several examples to examine both positive and negative effects the development of technology has brought to social equity in the US. Some ethnic groups of people are benefited by the development of certain technology. First, high technology education helps Asian Americans enjoy the uprising of their social status. In earlier generations, Asian immigrants felt that they were second-class citizens with lower incomes and lower job prestige, compared with white people. After studying relative success of white people, Asian

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