Impact of Technology Essay

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Shane Leach Mr. Clark Owen Composition 1 1301.12 21 February 2013 Impacts of Technology (Essay 3) Television, cell phones, video games, digital cameras and computers are all very important and useful equipment used daily at different places all over the world. All these electronics are examples that show how technology has advanced largely worldwide. Without these things, a lot of things would probably change and be difficult to function. Technology has made it easier for us to communicate with our loved ones even if they’re miles away and has made entertainment more fun and accessible for our children. However it has impacted our families in negative ways as well. The first technological invention, the telephone, was by Alexander Graham Bell in the year 1875. His invention impacted communication in humans to a massive extent. After this, the invention of the internet, cell phones and other electronic devices were quickly discovered. People liked so much what technology was doing to their lives that little by little everything changed. Before technology was so advanced, the way people used to communicate with each other was by sending letters from one place to another. Instead of using cell phones or the internet to communicate with someone that lived far away from someone, people used the mail more often than now-a-days. Now, people normally use the mail to send business letters or to communicate with people from important and large businesses. “A majority of us would fell something missing in life if there were no mobiles or Internet.” Affirms Harankhedkar. If we leave the house and forget our cell phone, we would fell that something is not right, realize it right away, and go back to our house for our cell phone or tablet. It is now a necessity because we have to have

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