Impact of Talibanization on Bajaur Agency Essay

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GC UNIVERSITY LAHORE Impact of Talibanization on Bajaur Agency Name Aayat Ullah Khan Session Roll No Department 2006-2010 0071-BH-06 Political Science 1 Impact of Talibanization on Bajaur Agency Submitted to GC University Lahore in Particular fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Degree of B.A (Hons) In Political Science By Name Session Roll No Department Aayat Ullah Khan 2006-2010 0071-BH-06 Political Science GC University Lahore 2 Declaration I, Mr. Aayat Ullah Khan Roll No.071-BH-06 student of B.A (Hon’s), Political Science as Major, herby declare that the matter printed in the thesis titled ‘ Genesis of Talibanization and Its Implications: a case study of Bajaur Agency’ is my own work. It has not been printed , published and submitted as research work, dissertation or publication in any University of the world, research institutes etc in Pakistan. Dated Signature of Deponent 3 Dedicated The Picturesque valleys of Bajaur Agency that have been dragged to hell. The elegant people dusted up with the debris of Dogmatic misperception and handicapped by the confusion of the scenario. The Pakhtoonwali, Culture of peace and tolerance, dusted with the dogmatic miss projections that await reincarnation. The women of FATA beaten up with a double sided blade, portraying the flip side of Tribal society, Desires, her ages old Status Back in Society. 4 Acknowledgement I am much obliged to all knowing God for bestowing me the power to Sewing up this laborious task. Bajaur Agency is in pain from bewildering about the true, realistic, and authentic information. I m thankful again for equipping me with favorable environment to conduct research on my ancestry land with a drill to acquaint the lectors about the facts and existent state of affairs, once said to be FATA’s tranquil and beauteous places. In Bajaur

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