Impact Of Social Class On People Essay

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Tamim Belal Impact of “social class” on people Social class is referred to groups of people in society with economic and cultural sequence. Today, there are different societies with different cultures. Culture and society belong to various social classes, where the social classes are described in three classes: upper, middle, and lower class. Social class and inequality relates to one another because of the difference between the social classes. The main reasons for inequality are race, status, and class. “The meaning of inequality is rather obvious; some individuals, organizations, communities, ethnic groups, and so on, receive more of some valued resources than others (Murray Milner 34). From reading the short stories, we can claim that social class creates conflict in the lives of many people. In the short story, “The house behind,” Davis Lydia states the inequality between the two neighbours. As the story goes on, it expresses the main idea of social class and the differences between the people who lived in front of the house and the people who lived behind the house. Another short story that illustrates inequality is, “A Handful of Dates” by Saleh Tayeb. The author of the story reveals the true face of the boy’s grandfather. It states the unfairness between Masood who was the owner of the land and the boy’s’ grandfather who owns two-third of the land now. The story by Davis Lydia starts by describing the difference between the two neighbours, and proclaims the social inequality in the story. Social inequality is which individuals in a society do not have equal social status. The dwellers in the front house are high civil servants. The people who live in the front house enjoy social advantages, and occupy comfortable then their neighbours. The narrator himself lives behind the house and they tend to be store owners, sales person, retired

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