Impact of Single Parent Families on Child Development

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Abstract Research and Census indicates that single parents experience more stress due to economic, social and financial burdens, compared to traditional parents which included both parents. Many reviews indicate that stress has a major impact on the development of the single parent’s children. However, there are mixed views on the impact of single parent families and child development, coupled with the ability to effectively be a positive or negative role model. The purpose of writing this paper is to see whether single parent families provide adequate support and education, in spite of the stress linked to their households. Whether or not a parent is a positive or negative role model in a child’s life, often depends on the nurturing and nurturing of the individual. In today’s society, many parents chose to be single and raise their children in a non-traditional household. The essay will explore the positive and negatives on child development in single parent families. There is so much stress associated with single parenting and sometimes less advantages compared to dual parent sharing. Single parenthood can play a major role in the child’s social and cognitive development, together with family functioning. The effects of the absence of one parent can be a major factor in the child’s social developmental, self-esteem, emotional and academic development, including academic achievement. Whether children in two-parent families fare better than children in single-parent families is however, questionable. We are all aware that nature and nurturing is as a major obstacle to families functioning in single parent homes, as well as two parent households. According to an Article written by Zabriskie, R. B., for the American Physiological Journal, it states that “The United States is experiencing a significant increase in single-parent families,

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