Impact of Quality Control on Employee Performance Essay

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CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the study In pursuit of better employee performance and customer satisfaction, organizations are looking for and investing in strategies to enhance output. Heterogeneity being a key characteristic of services, service firms are determined to optimize their employees’ output in order to ensure that their customers are always contented as a result of consuming quality delivered services (James and Mona, 2011). Service firms are thus implementing Quality Control (QC) in their operations to ensure that their employees always perform their tasks right the first time and that their customers’ expectations are always met or exceeded after consumption of the firm’s products or services. The need for quality control implementation in service firm operations has thus resulted from the need to make the performance efficient and effective and to ensure that the service customers are always satisfied after consumption of the firm’s services and products. Quality control techniques, its capabilities and limitations should never by itself dictate to the employees’ performance. It is by weaving the quality control techniques into the fabric of the employees operations that a company can bring the most value from its employee performance as observed by Aquilano and Chase (1991). A service firm that therefore integrates quality control system directly into its employees’ operations stands the best chance to optimize its employee goals, and thus increase customer satisfaction. Therefore, the best model for better employee performance is to fully integrate all its quality control systems and its employees operations into one set of intimately linked processes. With customers in the service market being not only cautious with the quality of products and services they consume, but also in the manner in which the latter is delivered, and them

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