Impact Of National Diversity For Multinationa Essay

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Asia Pacific University Collage of Innovation and Technology | Impact of national diversity for multinational companies | IHRM Individual Assignment | Executive Summary Going global is no longer a choice, but a requirement, for most large companies looking at expanding their business and attaining global market share. Having said that, one factor that companies going global, cannot avoid is the complexity of managing and enhancing the national diverse workforce. This paper looks at the implication national diversity has on MNCs. While the topic is very broad and has many areas that can be covered from human resource management, financial management, organisational behaviour, organisational structure, innovation and productivity, team work, power and politics and training, for the sake of meeting the requirement of the assignment I will narrow my exploration of this study to those factors that I feel are the most prominent to organisation in relation to national diversity. Hence, I will start by trying to explain what national diversity means by exploring the roots of the term and its application, followed by the implications national diversity has on four factor that I have selected for this study namely; human resource practices, innovation, team performance, and training and development. In trying to explore the depth of the research area, I have extensively used research papers, both and various number of books on HRM and IHRM and journals of relevance. Table of Contents Introduction 1 What does national diversity refer to? 1 Human resource practices 2 Innovation 5 Team performance 7 Training and development 8 Conclusion 9 References 11 Impact of national diversity for multinational companies Introduction In today’s business models, perhaps the most prominent factor would be the concept of globalisation and its impacts.

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