Impact Of Multiculturalism On The Hospitality Indu Essay

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“Analyse the impact of multiculturalism on the hospitality industry” Australia hasn’t always been a multicultural society; the “White Australia policy” was put in place in 1901, which only allowed certain ethnic mixes into the country. To be accepted in the country you had to pass a dictation test, between 1902 and 1903 only 46 people were successful to pass this test. Due to this policy Australia’s population was dramatically decreasing and the country was perishing the population contained only 4 million people. New policies however were put in place like the Migration Act 1958 to help people enter Australia, the dictation test was abolished and to enter the country was made much easier. In 1966 the “White Australia Policy” was also abolished, which made migration to Australia increase. After this policy was abolished Australia gradually became multicultural which allowed several cultural and ethnic groups into the society because of the fair approval being able to migrate to Australia. Since becoming more culturally diverse the population of Australia has now increased to 22,823,066 people. With Australia’s increase of population this allows many different cultures to bring the traditions to Australia, which allows the Hospitality Industry to grow with the traditional foods and customs that come from neighbouring countries, and be able to supply food to the wide diversity of cultures and religions. As our culture is apart of whom we are, being able to provide and supply for particular cultures to external customers will provide dramatic growth in the industry showing the diversity of foods available in Australia. With many people migrating from other countries or being born with migrant parents and growing up with other traditions this allows the industry to have internal customers to be able speak in a foreign language and be able to communicate the needs

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