Impact Of Media On Teen Violence

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Violence is one of the most prominent social issues of today. Violence is the exertion of force with the intent to harm. Youth today are frequently exposed to many kinds of media. Media refers to a form of communication including internet, film, television, and print. Media increases violent tendencies in teenagers. Violence is highly prevalent in modern day society. On a global scale, there are a significant number of conflicts including the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, and the long-standing conflict between Israeli and Palestinian populations. There are countless other uprisings and events that do not even warrant news coverage. Violence affects not only international aspects of modern society but, individual as well. Individuals are exposed to many traumatic events including domestic violence, police brutality, and gang warfare. These are issues that need to be stopped. Authorities do not address these issues with the high degree of urgency they deserve. Additionally, within North America there are many homeland issues all labelled wars for example the war on drugs, the war on terror, and the war on poverty. This causes a high degree of tension and fear in our nation. As a result there are numerous unnecessary security measures. An ever-vigilant society perpetuates violence against enemies that do not even exist. Today, teens have an increased access to media. Media formats at teens disposal numerous; YouTube, Facebook, pod casts, the internet, public radio, video games, reality television, windows messenger, and text messaging. Teens take full advantage of the opportunity to access this media through the abundant number of tools readily available to them. These tools include computers, cellular phones, televisions, and radios. It is almost impossible to find a teen in society who does not have access to at least one of these media outlets.

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